donderdag, juli 24, 2014

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A Day out of Cody's Life His First Dog Show on the 20th of April 2014

My Fist Show in Goes on Sunday the 20th of April 2014, what a Day and what a Result

Here the Impression of the Day

Now it's My turn to go into the ring

Yes I made it, Best Baby of the Goldentrievers

Now I'm Allowed to enter the Main Ring. For Best baby of the Show.......

To Bad but the I did not made it thru the last 6, the 6st choice went to the Dog Chineese Dog right from me.

I Did my very best with a Great Result:

5 months old, Very Attractive dog, Prima Pigment, Nice Dark Colored Eyes,

Good, Neck, Good angulation front and rear, In Stand very playful but he is going very well.

Very Promising Best Baby Golden Retriever





A Day out of Cody's Life

Washing, Trimmed and some Tips for the Show in Goes on Sunday the 20th of April 2014